Welcome to André Gandin Galleries. Our website is undergoing major renovations and will soon be on-line with more high-resolution photography and slideshows featuring André’s Folk Art and much more information on our Sunset Gallery sand castings and fund raising opportunities.

The considerable body of work by this Texas artist is displayed in gardens, hotels, estates and elsewhere all throughout America. Be sure to explore the photo galleries and take a peek at Andre’ at work in his studio and many of his wonderful creations. Found objects, metal sculpting and a physics presentation – André designs the most interesting, animated art pieces that can be found any where.

I have been creating my art for nearly 25-years. I originally found a niche’ in resurrecting old industrial equipment and finding a new home for discarded metals of all types. I began building the unusual sand writers and my art grew from that experience. Since then, I have broadned my interests to include flowers and birds and even the most bizarre figures. My garden art can be found in luxurous garden estates and even hotel grand rooms. Many of my creations are just as at home on a Hill Country ranch or in a modest suburban backyard.





 Since I decided to be a full time artist, I looked for a media that was plentiful and easy to work. Over twenty years ago, I discovered that welding was my choice. Steel is plentiful, it has properties that lends itself to beauty and can be manipulated rather easily. Polished steel has a look that no other metal possesses. And it seems few metal artists are willing to take the trouble to go through the process of sandblasting and polishing with rotary wire brushes. To me, it is the defining moment when you see something that came out of the scrap heap heading for the living room. In my opinion, to leave it as is, is too easy! When steel is polished and detailed with melted brass, and lacquered, there is no richer look!



Gandin’s sandwriters demonstrate the physics of the pendulum as they draw their kaleidoscope-like ribbons in the sand. His garden-sized metal insects, birds and flowers are both unusual and charming. Of course, no metal artisan would forgo the experience of creating life-sized robots, aliens and droids of all kinds. André’s sculptures are currently located in more than 300 of the finest offices, lobbies and homes in the world.

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